As seen on NBC's 'Last Comic Standing.'
Absolutely the FUNNIEST fire-eating act
you'll ever see.
100% Safe! 100% Hysterical!

Other Dangerous Feats...
Sugar Cane Knives, The Bowling Ball Balance,
Torch Juggling, Flaming Bowling Pins, & the
hilarious, "Juggling tribute to Reservoir Dogs."

"Andy, the fire-eating guy,
was terrific!
He was really entertaining."
-The Lombardian Newspaper
Don't try this at home! A classic feat of daring-do with a hilarious comedic twist.
This thrilling act can be used as a single attraction, a strolling performance, or as part of Andy's full-length show. Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Note: Andy is covered by performer's liability insurance. Client/venue may be added as an additional insured. Some fees may apply.
Client/venue is responsible for acquiring applicable permits (where required).