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Now that you're thoroughly appalled by the myriad of 'Louie Louie' versions and other odd items of 'Louie-ana' that are out there, I'm going to put the icing on the cake. Here are a few great places to find out even more information on ' Louie Louie'. These guys really make my little hobby seem almost normal!

Theo de Grood's Louie Page
This was the original site devoted to 'Louie Louie'. It's filled with fun facts, lyrics, links and more. Theo is a great guy and I've traded versions with him in the past. He's also got a more comprehensive list 'Louies' to collect. If you think my paltry list was amazing just wait until you see how many more versions are out there!

Intense Mutilation Home Page
These guys not only created one of the more memorable versions of Louie Louie (Chew Me Chew Me) but they also are the ONLY artist to actually view my site and send their comments. They even noticed a typo that I'd missed. Thoughtful, grammatically correct, AND disgusting. For all of those great qualities they deserve a free plug. Buy their CDs and start pissing off your parents today.

Eric Predoehl's Louie Report
Eric is a very talented guy with a yeoman's devotion to his work. For a few years now Eric has been compiling interviews, government documents, and film footage for his upcoming documentary chronicling the entire story behind 'Louie Louie'. I wish I had the $$$ to help him get this film done. He's an independent filmmaker and he's worked tirelessly to get this project completed. The thing is the story continues to change with each passing day. New developments and court decisions make telling the story a most difficult task. This film will be a hit at a film festival someday and you'll say you heard about it first from me! He also has a huge collection of merchandise and songs and his web site offers a comprehensive newsletter titled, 'The Louie Report'. Check out his site. You'll be impressed.

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